First well

I could use some help. There is a new well drilled on our mineral acres. (permit 24823 in section 28) How do I find any detailed info on this well. This is our first and we have not received a division order yet. I assume we should see one soon. I don't think anything is out of order in this process but want to learn what I can and find out where I can get information as it is available. Thank you ahead of time for the help!

Garren you need the North Dakota Industrial Commission O&G Division. Much information there is free but you need to learn to use the site, the Gis map is particularly helpful.

Your well had 33 frack stages and used 1.975 million pounds of propant. The IP was 501 barrels of oil 306 MCF [1,000 cubic feet] of gas which was flared. Water produced was 3746 barrels but I think and certainly hope that will decline as 7.5 to one water to oil ratio is not good, but even that is manageable if you have a water disposal well on lease so the water does not have to be trucked away.

28 days production in Aptil 8,138 bbl oil produced, 7,372 barrels sold [runs- what your royalty for the month is based on] 28,917 bbl water, already down to 3.5 barrels water per barrel of oil. 5,802 MCF gas produced, all flared. I do not believe the operator will be in a hurry to connect a gas gathering line. I believe at the end of the one year period in which they are allowed to flare gas, I don't think it will be economic to install a gathering line so that part of your royalty which would be small in any case will go up in smoke. Sometimes I believe the operator did not do their best to make the well as good as it could be, this is not one of those cases. I believe that the operator tried hard to make a good well and I think they wound up making one that will merely be profitable and not wildly profitable as we all like. You can't win them all. I hope this helps.

Thank you!