First royalty payment

Our family is part of a 228 acre Marshall County drilling rights group. SouthWest sent us our first check. Under $200.00 My guess is prices are at a low point. Good news is that it is open and running.

If this is the first check it should cover multiple months production. Take a second look at the check stub since it should break down the production types and well as the production month. The month may reflect when the production was sold. Each month will also include the per barrel of MCF price.

Im in tyler co and received my first check for 53 ac with 5 wells for three months. Great wells , low prices , 12.5 royalty equals $92,000 ! Antero have the wells wide open, they are doing well (npi) with their hedges , and I’m doing ok. They seem like a well managed company.


Set aside about a third of these funds for income tax and have a sit down with your CPA. You will need to start paying estimated income tax or you will you will be subject to penalties for under payment of your 2020 income taxes.

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