First mineral revenue check

So, I am completely new to all of this. Last year in February I found out I was inheriting mineral rights in Woods County, OK along with 7 other family members. I finally received my ownership paperwork about 3 weeks ago. I signed it and returned it. How long does it take to start getting checks? Does anyone know what Blanchard Interest is? Like I said, I am very new to all of this so I am learning as I go. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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You would need to give your section, township and range to get a good answer. If you wells have been in production for a while, it should be shortly. Different companies cut their checks on different days of the month. So if you paperwork is in, it should be on their next check cycle.

Depends upon your lease, but here is a definition. Usually 1/8th , Blanchard

“This type of oil and gas interest is specific to the state of Oklahoma and is a result of the 1963 Oklahoma Supreme Court Blanchard Decision. Ultimately, the decision resulted in Oklahoma Senate Bill 168 which established state-wide regulations for payment of gas royalties from communitized or pooled leases.”

Korell Trust 21-27-14

Korell Trust has been online since 2012. You should get the check fairly quickly. If the well had been brand new, then it might have been a six month wait as it takes them that long to get all the owners title cleared.

In regards to a new well’s paperwork (e.g. Charles 0804 34-3-2WXH and Charles 0804 34-3-3WXH), is it normal/typical for an oil company to require you to fill out a W-9 first, then they later send you a Division Order?

I only ask, as in the past, EOG Resources sent both a W-9 and a Division Order at the same time, but the landman with Blue River Resources, LLC (working for 89 Energy III) required us to sign and send a W-9 first before the Division Order (which we’re still waiting on).

Companies do it both ways. Go ahead and send in the W-9. Send it back by a certified mail return receipt and attach a letter asking for your royalties and statutory interest. They are late in paying if you didn’t get a check by September. First sales were 3/9/22.

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