First Lease offers in a decade

Can anyone tell me if anything is going on in 6N-3W. I have had mineral rights in 2 & 11-6N-3W for a while and have been getting leasing offers the past 6 months for the first time in a decade. Thanks for any help.

Yes, if there are multiple offers to lease, something is usually going on. Continental Resources, Warwick-Jupiter, Casillas, Native Exploration and others are the operators in the township.

If you have not leased in a while, be sure and get an oil and gas attorney to look at any draft lease as the drafts are rarely in the mineral owner’s favor and need some negotiation. Horizontal drilling is likely.

Waiting on rig in 15 5n1w tank battery installed. Waiting on 3 phase electric

Thank you for the reply, mam.

:upside_down_face: cold weather is setting in. Rig delayed hopefully to install hospital grade exhaust silencers I think rig been working for years maybe a few days off to regroup

Rig is on location. Landowner denies access to pond

Spudding in tonite. Waiting on pits to fill

Laying down drillstring. Casing on location if needed