Firefly well, Blaine County


Does anyone know what the status of the Firefly well, Section 5, 15N, 13W, Blaine County, is? In June there was a notice of a pooling order sent out by Corporation Commission, but I haven’t heard anything since then. Thanks.


Date of Order was May 29. They had 180 days in which to drill. They missed the deadline. No permit filed as of yet.


Thanks very much for the info!


Actually, that’s not correct. The intent to drill for the Firefly 5_8-15N-13W 1HX was filed on 12/18/2017, and the well was spudded Feb 13, 2018. The pooling order came out late in the game, on May 29th 2018. They have not yet filed a completion report. This is a multi-unit well that goes through both sections 5 and 8. I’ll be the first to admit that the filing of this and other wells has really gotten sloppy. It’s best to locate this well from section 8 rather than section 5 from the Corporation Commission site, otherwise you won’t find it.


Good for you for finding it. It didn’t pop up when I looked in 8-15N-13W on the OCC site. It is months behind.


I just heard this week that the OCC is short-handed and way behind on posting permits and completions.


In this case, I wonder if it is not an outright error or omission. Section 8 of this multiunit well was filed late for sure, but it was done by March 2018. I would certainly think the other half of the same well extending into Section 5 would be logged at about the same time. Here we are at least 8 months later after all the section 8 entries were done, and still nothing in section 5. I’ve run into other sections like this, and I think they are making some mistakes. A lot of people make important decisions based on this information, and it really is worrisome, whatever the reason.


Usually the well is only filed in the surface location section for the OK well records database. It may be filed in a different location on the OK tax site. I usually start with the bottom hole location and then work my way up the hole if I can’t find it there. Strange, you would think they would be filed the same way, but often not.


Okay, thanks for all this useful discussion! The lease I signed with Blue Star, “on behalf of Devon,” in October 2017, says “Firefly 5_8-15N-13W.” Do you think there is any point in contacting either Blue Star or Devon now, to ask what’s happening?


Blue Star is a leasing company, so they will not keep track of activity. You will not hear anything from Devon until they send the Division Order about five months after first production. If you don’t hear anything by January, then try calling Devon.


Thanks very much for your help!


FIrefly was spud in February. We should be seeing DO’s before too much longer.


D_Davis 1: Got a message from Devon that the DO’s for Firefly will go out in January.

Todd M. Baker



Did you get your DO for this well? I received mine a couple days ago.

Todd M. Baker


Yes, I did, right at the end of December. Thanks for asking! D. Davis