Finley 1 - 11

We are still (after 6 months not receiving royalty payments) after audit don't know when to expect royalty payments we were told we were overpaid....but do not know any figures of how much over payment? we are working with production figures but no dollar information. received many pages on production but no figures of dollar amounts in the plus or minus figures to go on to expect our royalty payments. Need help


Although the only true source on details is the operator, you may be able to roughly back calculate things.

Do you know how much you were overpaid? If yes, you can take the production data since they stopped paying you and roughly calculated the revenue to needs to get to be distributed before you come back into the "pay" mode.

But if you don't know amount of overpayment, I don't know what you can do aside from keeping to hammer on the operator for details

I had this happen with Pioneer in Eagle Ford wells - I had no problem getting all the details from them as to a very similar issue