Finding your lease on a map


Some time ago I used a web site to enter the lease description of township, section, etc that would give me a satellite photo of the area with the lease location overlaid. I cannot seem to find that now, can anyone help? I am looking only in New Mexico.


At the top of the opened page choose “imagery” and at the right choose the icon which looks like a magnifying glass which will open a “search tool” box. Choose “township-range” “API well number” etc. from the “search by” drop-down box.


Hey thanks, that was very helpful! Not the one I had used previously, but does the trick. Only thing I have not figured out yet is how to print from that screen.


You’re welcome. You might try right clicking on the screen and then click on “save as” OR
you could download the Lightshot screenshot tool on Chrome, use your mouse to draw a perimeter of an area to save, and then save as a “screenshot”.