Finding Value of Mineral Rights Converse County


My mom and her siblings inherited mineral rights in Converse County-25-37 North- 72 West- approximately 2600 acres. Gas transfer plants are on property and I know the relatives who own surface rights receive money from that. Currently gas pipeline is being put in across property. Here is my question…mom recently deeded her portion to my siblings and l. In the deed she had it written that she is to receive any royalties until her passing. That is not the issue. If the mineral rights are now legally in our names, shouldn’t we be entitled to see what the lease agreements are and what royalties are currently being paid? She says she is not getting anything right now. How is that possible? Aren’t mineral right holders entitled to royalties from what is processed at transfer stations?whatabout when the pipeline is active? How do I see what the current agreements are? Thank you



Your mom likely granted a life estate mineral deed where she enjoys the benefits of the royalty income during her lifetime and then the entire mineral estate passes to you and your siblings upon her death. Also note that just because the gas processing plants are located on your surface rights doesn’t mean that you are entitled to the royalties. You are entitled to royalties extracted from your minerals and need wells producing those minerals in order to start receiving royalties.