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I got a reply to my question about drilling in the Lafayette Section of Pleasants County, WV showing a link to a map with tract numbers. I can’t find my 3 tracts. All of the tracts start with 73 or 85 and then 5 digits. My tracts start with 04-X-XX. I assume the 73 and 85 specify an area and the numbers following are the tracts. I can’t find my tracts that start with 04-X-XX. Can someone help me with this.

@bgabbitas, you may be seeing well API/permit numbers instead of parcel numbers. The parcel numbers do appear if you zoom in more, as shown on this screen shot: wv_4_15 There is another link that only shows the parcel numbers:

Maybe this will help clear things up.

Thanks for your help although I am still having trouble. When I go to WV Property Viewer and enter the county (Pleasants) and parcel number as the search type, it asks for district (Lafayette), map #, parcel #, and suffix. My parcel # is 04-xx-xx. What do I enter in the map, parcel and suffix fields? Whatever combination I enter, it can’t find anything. If I just enter 04 in the parcel field, I get a list of parcel #'s and owners but the parcel numbers are something like 37-0002-0004-0000. I still can’t find our parcel # or our name as owner. I appreciate your help and apologize for so many questions.

@bgabbitas, your information is limited and this is causing some difficulties. It looks like you are trying to locate a mineral parcel using a surface parcel number. Mineral parcels aren’t shown on the WV property viewer, and this is why your name doesn’t come up. The parcel numbering is County-District-Map-Parcel-Suffix. County is 37, for Pleasants, District is 04, for Lafayette… not sure if the 04-xx-xx number you have is District-Map-Parcel, or Map-Parcel-Suffix. Maybe try District-Map-Parcel and see if what you find makes sense with the rest of your information. Unfortunately there isn’t a free way to view mineral parcels directly without going to the county courthouse or perhaps with some other subscription service. You may have enough to get an idea of the location.

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Thanks Peter. This information got me to the right place. The tracts are listed with another owners name. Is that the property owner vs the owner of the mineral rights?

Yes, the owner of the land surface is shown. Glad you found your location.

Thank you again. You have been a really big help!!

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