Finding survey company

I bought 5 ac of land out in west Texas (Ward County) and need to see what it would cost to get it surveyed. I am in Austin, Texas and have been to my land a few times but need to know exactly where it is. I want to put up fence as people have been driving across my land (or I think they have) Also there is a black line laying on top of the back part of my land.

Did you buy mineral rights or surface or both? Last time I bought property, the survey was part of the title company’s requirements and was given to us at or before closing.

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I bought the land from individual and it’s up to me to get the survey. It just land and I want to put up a fence

What is the description of the 5 acres in the Deed to you? I do work for Anadarko and I may have plats of the area. If you end up needing a Surveyor it would most likely be less expensive to use the surveyor used by a drilling company to prepare any well plats in the Section in which you own. If I have the property description I can find the surveyor if any wells are drilled or permitted to be drilled.

Safevet, in what section/block is your 5 ac located?

NW/2 Sec 8 Lot 21 BLK SF HOUSTON G D