Finding production data on new wells in Oklahoma

I have a mineral interest in a new well in McClain county, Ok. (Native Explor. Charles 0334 1H well).

I know the operator eventually files a form 1002a form that shows initial production test. Also Tax commission has production for each well, but that might not show up for 6 or more months.

Is there any other sites or place one can get monthly production before waiting 6 months or more after IP???



Only the operator and working interest owners get that data early. If you find another site, folks would love to know. Sometimes, the operators will post especially good wells in their investor presentations in the quarterly reports. You can occasionally get an early look there. Sometimes, the local newspapers and newsletters post good ones. I subscribe to OK Energy Today which is free daily update.

How do I find out if drilling or something is happening in Roger Mills County , OK?

It would be more helpful if you would give the section, township and range for the area in Roger Mills County. Then we could answer your question better.