Finding Physical Locations

In my endless search for leases we own, BP just gave me some information as follows: Owner Number: 60207976 Owner Name: Blanchard W Brown Property #: 830981 Property Name: Robinson Coleman W/Cancelled Location: Lea County New Meico Last known Operator: Paladin Energy Company Is this enough information for anyone to pin down the exact location for me? ?

Wow that was awesome!! I feel it is correct since I have two wells close by, John H Moore 1 and 2. I cannot find any numbers that match, is this a “probably so” or a “definitely the one”. type discovery? I guess a certified plugged well is not worth much though :frowning:

An oil company might want to re-enter your plugged well and tap a different formation. The Lea County group in this forum would seem like a good place to start finding out what is going on around your property.