Finding past OGML revenue

How do I find any OGML revenue from 2004? I am 1/3 heir but oldest sister has ‘overseen’ our inheritance and need to better understand… ANY help is appreciated!!! Geri

Would need location information to get a chance at a useful answer.

What do you need exactly…a legal description?

I went to and input names that Trust might be listed under and found a lot of Leases, Designation, Ratification, Partial Assignment and Trust.
Do you want the lease #/Bk/Vol-Pg?

If these are documents relating to the property in the Trust, then you will want to obtain copies. You can ask the trustee or purchase from texasfile. There is no online service which can give you the trust income from any particular year. Look at the trust agreement and see what information you can ask for - copies of the trust returns, your individual K-1s, bank data, legal documents, etc.

Thanks for your comments, and those suggestions would be a place to start. Although I am a Co-Trustee on all properties, my oldest sister has taken over by having all correspondance, checks, etc sent to her only, although all three of us are equal beneficiaries.
I would have never ever dreamed that I would be in this situation…but here I am. I don’t know how she was able to pull this off, maybe I’m not making history here.
So I will search on and not sure where to go for Louisiana.

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I’ve got location information but am not asking for someone to do the work for me…I so appreciate your reply and if you are interested in directing me in one of my properties, showing me how I can find out what royalties were distributed over the past 15 years, then I’d be very willing to follow you directive every step of the way… Would you be interested in teaching me how to do this? I’ve got properties in both LA & TX? Thank you…

You would need to contact the operator of each of the properties for the exact distributions. The are the only ones who have it. You may have to have title proof in order for them to give it to you.

An excellent place to start would be with the Unclaimed Property Records. Every State in America requires anyone holding money belonging to someone else to eventually pay that money over to the State Treasury as unclaimed property. The holder of the money couldn’t pay it out because contact with the rightful owner has been lost. At least that’s the only legitimate reason why the money must eventually be paid to the state. Which state? It depends. Here are the rules:

If the known owner of the money has an old address shown in the records of the holder, then the money must be paid over to that state after the time limit for holding it expires–a time limit set by the state. It can vary from 2 years to 7 years, depending on the state.

If the holder never had an address for the known owner (the name simply appeared in title documents in the courthouse without an address associated with it) then the money must be paid over to the State of Incorporation for the holder of the money. The company that paid it over might be incorporated in the same state where its located, or it could have incorporated in Delaware, Nevada, or any other state with more favorable tax environment.

If the holder never had a name OR an address for the owner of the interest (lots of ways this can happen, I won’t get into any of them), the money could be paid over in a generic like “Unknown Owner” or “Owner Unknown” or any other generic name devised by the holder. There’s no rule on what the owner name must be when paying money into the state. The state just wants the money.

What should you do? Visit the website, where you can search all 50 states at the same time with one name search.

Look for ancestor names in State Treasury records, first. Don’t stop with just your name and your parents names–also query on all four grandparents, all 8 great-grandparents, if you know their names.

Remember, there’s no deadline for filing for found money, regardless of how long the state has held it. It doesn’t matter what statute of limitation is published by the state. You only need to provide whatever documentation the state requires in order to claim it, if you find anything.

I’d like to write the oil companies that I know have sent some royalty checks based on 1044’s. What should I ask them? Do I need to list property description and or Document number? I’ll includes copies of both death certificates of my parents plus Executor of testamentary, showing proof that I’m in charge of these properties of our Estate. Any suggestions? Thanks, Geri

If you have the 1099’s, then contact the companies. It will help if you have the check stub statements that have the property name and code number, the decimal amount, the name of the previous owner and ask them what they need to transfer the properties. Each company may have a slightly different answer. In the end, you will have to file the probate documents in the counties where the minerals are located.

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