Finding out amount of check payments /ball park?

since probate is not finished until end of June or July… as per told by family member in charge … our other cousins have been getting checks since January … I am just wanting to know a ball park figure of the checks we will receive … I have called the company but won’t talk to me since I am not trustee and was told I can not talk to attorney the trustee hired to find out timeline … waiting on attorney to do the distribution and discharge… and that was all that needs to be done ? Or is there something after that? Can’t get a straight forward answer from family so thought I would come here ? Thanks in advance !

You would have to give a state, county, section, township and range, or abstract and what well(s) you are asking about. Your question is too vague at this point. Any answer that someone might provide will also be rather vague as we do not know your particular situation. Patience is probably the key here.

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Patience is the key I am thinking too … but knowing the others know ball park I too just wanted to see if there was somewhere I could look for myself ?

Open this webpage. and search for/select a property name [lease name?] and reveal production data and ShaleXP’s “Value Estimations” based on a 0.05 ownership. One may adjust the ownership interest by changing the decimal interest number at the bottom of the Value Estimations box. Reducing the provided map [ - ] gives a sense of where the property is located in a county.

Thank you for the help .

Glad to be of assistance.

If you are in OK, you can probably figure it out yourself by using the following formula which is how the royalties are calculated. Net acres/spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your section. That will give you a decimal amount. You can get that amount off of every dollar of sales. However, you will probably have state taxes taken out which are normal. If the lease has post production charges, then those will be taken out as well. Example might be: 10/640 x .1875 x .50. That would be ten acres with spacing at 640 x a royalty of 3/16ths x 50% of the perforations from a well in your section.