Finding oil tracts from my grandfather

I am attempting to understand everything but I literally have no experience in this sort of stuff! J S Mabry is my 2nd great grandfather my grandfather inherited property/mineral rights and is signing it over to me. My grandfather says that there should be 130 acres and multiple wells. However, we live in Louisiana and no one ever really kept up with everything. I have information on 30 acres that includes 3 wells. 2 oil and 1 gas I believe. I took a trip and viewed the property and there seems to be lots of activity around the property on other leases but the wells on our property look old and not in use. How would we go about having those wells checked again? Is that something we can do? And how would I go about finding out if there in fact any other parcels that my grandfather inherited rights too? I hope my questions make sense! I appreciate any insight you guys can offer me! SEC 3 TWP 3S RNG 5W

Just wanted to add this photo. I had it saved in my screenshots and I don’t even remember why lol

Welcome to the forum. What is your grandfather and Great grandfather and great grandfather’s full names? The SW4 of Sec 3-3S-5W is part of a very old field but might now belong to him just because the name seems to match. The wells may have been played out. I will do some looking. Do you know of any other locations? Mabry is a fairly common name in OK, so narrowing searches by a full name is more helpful.

Go to this site :

And search by name: J S MABRY


2nd great grandfather: J S Mabry (James Simuel)

Great grandfather: Carroll Mabry

Grandfather: Carroll Wayne Mabry (often listed as just Wayne Mabry)

@M_Barnes , I’m not sure about other locations since no one has kept up with anything. I had to do a lot of my own research which is challenging being so far and not knowing much to start with.

Please excuse my ignorance, I’m trying to educate myself, so if wells are played out does that mean that property will never have active wells again and what happens at that point with the property?

I appreciate your help & patience so much!

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Go to and try in each of those names to see what comes up.

I, just recently discovered my father’s name was listed as Jno instead of John.

Start hunting in and see what comes up with the primary names and the secondary names. You are hunting for probate documents that describe the acreage. The online data only goes back into the early 90’s for many counties, but you might get lucky. The county has the records in hard copy all the way back. You are also looking for deeds to see if someone sold something and you no longer have it. I will do a bit of hunting on my end in another service. You can look for free on okcountyrecords, but has a small fee for printing.

Will do! Thanks so much! @M_Barnes @John_morgan

I will do some hunting after work today. If you can speak with your grandfather, see if he has any paperwork, if he remembers anything about how he received it, any old check stubs, etc. You can also look for unclaimed funds in Louisiana under his name and your preceding ancestor who owned it in his state, also OK and Delaware (just in case). Depending upon your locations, the shallow wells may have finished their production, but there may be deeper horizons that have potential. Technology is always improving.

Mrs barns or Todd Baker I was looking thru the Oklahoma site and came across one of the producing wells we have and and my question is why did it have jones mineral with the words mineral deed

Can you please post the section, township and range. Can’t help you specifically without that info.