Finding my oil?

A few years ago I signed permissions to drill ( or something like that) n what was my Grandparents land in Seminole Co OK.

Drilling was delayed and delayed again. I lost track.

Recently I received a letter from some company wanting to buy my “producing mineral rights” in Seminole Co.

I have no clue who to talk to. All family I was in contact with in the area have probably passed.

My first question is, How do I find out if it is producing and who is pumping it?

Total novice here.

Thanks for any help.

if you have the section, township and range, we can help you. If you got a generic letter with no exact description, you can probably ignore it. Lots of those go out all of the time. But it is a good idea to keep your records in order and find out if anything is missing.

Welcome to the forum. If you give the section, township and range, we can help you find out if there was ever drilling. We show you how to look up the information and find out who the operator is. If you did have drilling, there are methods to get into pay status.

There are quite a lot of mineral buyers out there that send out batch letters to buy acreage. Not all of them necessarily check to make sure that folks actually have producing acres. Just a form letter.

If you don’t have the legal description, you may want to search by family name online. But Seminole County’s online records only goes back to 1994.

Seminole County | | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma

You also may want to conduct a name search here:

Oklahoma Unclaimed Property Search

Oklahoma Mineral Interest Escrow Account Search

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