Finding mineral rights

Hi to those who are a part of the mineral right owners.

I am new to the mineral rights in Oklahoma. I have mineral rights in NM, and have received contact from a company in OK that wants to lease in Logan county. I knew my mom had rights somewhere in OK but wasn't sure.

Can anyone help me locate rights that are mine and my brothers? Is there a web site where I can reference personal infromation to find out?




You need to call the leasing co and find out what legals they have on your property.

Once you find out what the legals are: section, township & range, you can go to

This will get you to the county clerk records. If you are in Logan you are in luck, some county aren't on line yet.

At that point, you may be able to find your mineral interest. Sometimes, you will need to go to the county clerk office or have someone research your interest. If you can find your interest, you can join KellPro/ and for $10 per month you can bring the records up to look at and if you want then printed, it's a small additional fee. Good Luck.