Finding mineral interest. need help

We have or suppose to have minerals in Section 25 T16N R6W SW Tracts 5 & 6. Payrock paid us for a lease and verified we owned it but then they sold it to Marathon . Marathon came back and said that there is a problem and can not pay us minerals until we prove it . I have been told that we need to hire an attorney . It is only 10 acres total for all 4 of us and .0007324 interest for each of us . I been told that it would cost too much to justify hiring an attorney . What do I need to do and who should I contact. I tried looking it up at the court house but unable to find actual proof. My father had a working interest and we converted it to minerals with Payrock. Do we need to hire someone and if so WHO.

John: Your situation is not unusual. Companies are eager to take leases and overlook title issues. Once a property starts producing a division order analyst examines title. Typically they can provide your with title requirements. It is likely that if a probate is needed, that a shortened process can be utilized.

Many attorneys can handle an issue like yours on a flat fee basis. It is also possible that some may work for an exchange of some mineral acres if cash is unavailable.

Richard, Winblad

Richard, would you contact me and advise someone for me?

Thanks, John Richardson

John, I agree with Richard. I wouldn’t give up on this without looking further and determining your options.

Have they provided you any information? Name of heirs, etc?

Payrock was given everything about my father and they said it was him. Marathon said that another Richardson might had it. His name is in the area but not in the same well my father might of had been in according to payrock. We have no record on our side about this well. He did have some activity in another well nearby which means he might had something to do with this one. We had no probate since he had a will and it was not listed.