Finding Location of a lease

I ran this over in the Chaves Cty NM section and got no response. Surely someone knows what these numbers represent, please help if you do: In tracking down some leases, Lea County ones were pretty easy to identify. A company paying royalties in Chaves County has identified the mineral rights as follows, I cannot decipher this into a location. can anyone help? Lease Name - State E-9CHAVES CO NM PP .0166667 Lease Name - Kelly A State #1- CHAVES CO NM PP0166667

Is this what you are looking for?

Buddy Cotten

Wow, amazing, thanks so much!! Always wanting more, can you ID the other one? 13 bbls a month hardly seems worth the effort, right? Can I use the same software myself? I have two other producers on different Chaves Cty leases, but don’t even have a well number yet. Can one search by mineral lease owner? One is BP America and the other is EGL Resources. Full of questions, aren’t I? Thanks again so much for your help!!

Try this for the other well. I don’t work New Mexico, so I am a fish out of water.


Buddy Cotten

Wow thank you, thank you, thank you! I spent the evening on that DrillingEdge websight, I suppose I will have to join up to get more information.

One question though, one lease shows a production for Feb 2018 at ONE BARREL! The other was a real gusher at 13 barrels for the month. Can that be right or is that just some filler number and is meaningless? One barrel a month would seem to not even keep the lights on, is that normal for some leases?

One barrel of oil makes me suspicious. It would be interesting to pay a visit to the Wellhead and see if the production valve is rusted shut.

Some unscrupulous operators will do just as you are seeing - paying royalties on a minut amount of non-existing production in order to hold a lease by so-called production.

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Buddy Cotten

Very interesting, and I suspect you may be correct. Ironically when I last actually saw this well (and some others) was back about 1969.! The owner at that time was my Father in law, and he suspected someone was stealing his oil, so we went out to investigate. In most every case, the pumps were shut down, not enough oil in the tank to be worth much. The wells were done by his father back in late 20s early 30s and it appeared they did not drill much further when they hit oil, and the wells seemed to be drying up. It was with great surprise we found by accident this year it even existed. He died in 1997 and we never even considered them at probate time. Would you also guess that the other one at 13 barrels production in Feb

Are you aware if lease information for OK and CO are available for public search by county? I am trying to confirm decimal interest on Division Orders, but we didn’t sign any lease details (the minerals were already under a lease from what I gather.) Not sure if that makes sense. I am new to this.

For OK, you can find many of the lease documents back to the early 1990’s for most counties. All are filed at the county courthouses. Here is the link: Keep in mind that your tracts may have been force pooled.

For TX, I don’t generally work Texas. Someone may have a better link.

Great! Thank you for the OK info. I will file that away. Any thoughts on whether or not any of the counties in Colorado make this public? Also, specifically I am looking for the royalty rate in a lease that covers a certain tract. thank you!

If you post the question in Colorado in the county where it belongs, there are forum folks who can help with that state.

Thank you! New also to this site, so just did. I appreciated your response re: Oklahoma. Have filed this away for future use. Best, Sarah