Finding info on stacked potential in Delaware/Wolfcamp Area

Currently have production a little SW of Pacos. With the recent talk about the Permian area having good potential for multiple levels of oil/gas pools I’m wondering how one can find out if their holdings have potential for additional output at lower levels.

Here is an article discussing the potential for a stacked play in the general area

How far southwest of Pecos is ‘a little SW of Pecos’, Bob?? Where’s your land in relationship to Texas Highway 17 from Pecos southwest to Balmorhea,and FM869 just west of Pecos on IH20 to Hwy 17 at Hoban…or FM 2903 from Toyah west of Pecos on IH20 southeast to Balmorhea on IH10? That whole area is very active with Apache, Primexx, Noble-Permian, Centennial, Cimarex,Colgate, Diamondback, Oxy, and many other lesser companies drilling horizontal wells in the area.

So, what sections in what blocks have you?

I have two plots. N/2 and SW/4 of section 1, Block C-3 along with S/2 and NW/4 Section 12, Block C-3. Have a couple of Hoz wells on properties currently producing.

Bob, I also have an interest in block c3 sections 1 and 12. I’m trying to find out when Parsley plans to return and drill more wells. Let me know if you hear anything. Thanks.

I don’t know specifically about Block C3 sections 1 and 12…but Apache is buying up leases in that area and may in fact buy out Parsley to acquire more drilling development area around their Hovey, Texas operation. IF they do buy out Parsley, that will give them another huge operations yard in Fort Stockton where Parsley is HQ’d now in the old SandRidge yard…and will kickoff a lot more drilling activity in the Pecos county area of the Delaware basin west of the Pecos river. The Hovey play extends down into Brewster and Presidio counties as well.

, Reeves county, Tx