Finding an investment

A friend of mine invested in Montague County, TX in 2010 when the gov't stated it found oil in the area. i do not know the company he invested in nor how much, but he told me that he made me his beneficiary for $25,000 ir something happened to him. He passed away in January and I was wondering how I could find out where he invested the money and if it is still there, how can I collect my inheritance.

You need to contact his executor about this. It could be a bequest in his will or proceeds of a life insurance policy. Generally the disposition of an investment in stock or real estate is determined by the will.

Hi Roberta -

My condolences on the loss of your friend.

Tennisdaze is right, there should be a provision in his Will leaving the properties or interests to you. It should also identify the property or interests.

Oil and Natural Gas have been being produced in Montague County for many years.

If it was an investment in a company you might not find anything, but if it was an investment in real property, such as land or mineral or royalty rights, then you should be able to find a Deed or an Assignment into him.

What was his name?

If you want to see what you can find of record in the County Clerk's Records, has the Clerk's Records back to 2007. There may be additional websites that have their records.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

His executor will tell no one about him, not even the disposition of his body.

Thanks I will check with the county records. His name is Ernest Sam Heard, was from San Antonio, as I was.

Now THAT'S peculiar... What relationship is the Executor to Ernest Sam Heard?

Could they inherit under Intestate Inheritance if Ernest's Will kinda sorta never gets found?

Call the Bexar (pronounced "Bear" - the "x" is a spanish "h") County Probate Clerk's Office first thing tomorrow morning and see if Earnest's Will has been submitted for probate.

Roberta -

I did not have access to the Website I needed to do this when I first responded to your posting last July, but attached is a table and map listing 44 Wells in 5 different Counties in North Texas that have an Ernest Heard in their Mineral Tax Rolls.

Most of them are Earnest Sam Heard, a few just Earnest Heard.

Have you made any progress with the Executor?