Finding a reputable landman to research and determine value of Gunslinger, Marshall and Teas Yates units Lea county NM

I have a rudimentary knowledge of Mineral, Oil & Gas Royalty Interests. I have the need to determine the value of several Lea County Interests. I would appreciate a recommendation on a trustworthy and reasonable landman or attorney to assist me. I have 1 current offer to buy (I have had better offers in the past), I have current leases on Old Vertical producing Wells (Gunslinger, Marshall) with Conoco Phillips, I also have interests in Old vertical, producing Teas Yates wells with Momentum. I just don’t have the time to devote to this research and learning curve. And now there is a Compulsory pooling order from Matador on horizontal wells that are near the Gunslinger & Marshall Wells. Aaargh! Kudos to those of you who like slogging through this information. I don’t want to be disrespectful to my ancestors for these “gifts” by being chumped. Ya know?

I just used Tracy Lenz at Pecan Tree Oil & Gas.
512-578-9160 She did a good job. She advertises on here.

Luke Alexander

I am not a landman. Nor a lawyer. And if I am check-raising you on the turn then you may not find me particularly trustworthy. I am willing to give you a value if you are willing to just take the word of some guy playing World of Warcraft on one monitor, writing blockchain code on a 2nd, and downloading lyrics to Sound of Music on the other. I mean seriously, what are we going to do with a problem like Maria?

The Conoco War Eagle horizontal wells in Sec 1/12 are quite good. Chisholm/Earthstone drilling Anaconda wells in Sec 11/14. You could own in those wells…and either way you definitely have value for future horizontal wells. We understand your land is in some portions of Sec 11,12, 13, 14 of 20s33e. If you give me the specific legals, net acres, and royalty %s I can tell you ballpark what its worth in like 10 mins.

Sadly I have no reputable landman or lawyer recommendations. I would guess the ones in the “Directory - Mineral Services” menu here have been reasonably vetted. Tracy Lenz is an engineer, I might choose an engineer if I was doing a valuation. Luke above beat me to it. If you own a zillion acres then, yeah, I’d at least get a few opinions (and offers) to avoid being chumped.

Good luck

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