Find someone to lease mineral rights in laramie county, WY

How do I find someone to lease mineral rights in Laramie County, Wyoming. Over 9,000 acres

If they want to lease you they will find you. Make sure your name and address and title information are filed correctly in the county or counties with the acres. You may or may not have mineral acres where there are plans to drill.

its all about location. If you give the townships, I can at least let you know who is in the area.

Townships are 15 and 16 North, Range 67 West 6th P.M.

depends what sections in those. your on the outskirts of the permitting unless you own the eastern sections, im not sure anyone will want to lease. I pulled the last leases and there were a few leases in the last year, mostly state land. They went for like $33 an acre or less at 1/6 Royalty, for a 5 year term. So depending on how much $$ and royalty your wanting, you may be able to get someone to lease some or all of it, but not at the high dollar amounts other areas of Laramie are getting.

How much did you guys lease it for last time?

We leased in 2010 but didn’t get much, problem is other people are leasing our rights and they have it under lease now. We are trying to get it cleaned up through lawyers now.

What do you mean other people have it under lease? Like other mineral owners have leased?