Find current leases on newly acquired Mineral Rights?

How can I find out if there are current leases on mineral rights (received from my parent) in Beaver and Pottawatomie Counties in Oklahoma? If there are, I assume I would need to notify the companies of the ownership change.

Do you have access to your parent’s records to see if there are copies of any oil and gas leases and whether there have been royalty payments? (Always save the check stub data and company contact information for your files.). Has a deed been filed in your name in the county records? Keep a copy to send to any oil company. Get the deeds into your parents too. Search the county deed records for any oil and gas leases in your parent’s name. Then search to see if it has been assigned from the lessee to another company. Get the legal description from the leases and/or deeds and look on the Oklahoma Commission for well permits and producing wells on those sections. Contact the operators to see if your parents were in pay and to find out how to send the proper information to the company. Many companies have forms for Transfers of Interests / Assignments available on line or by email request. Good luck!


Thank you for your very helpful reply with suggestions of how to proceed! A deed is being prepared and should be filed shortly. I’ve been going through my parents files, trying to organize them. It’s a bit confusing, and I’m not sure they’re complete. It helps to know that some of the leases may have been assigned to another company at some point, which clarifies some of what I’m finding. I appreciate it!