Fayette County/Tri-C Leasing


If anyone is receiving leasing offers from Tri-C Resources I’m trying to find out what the bonus and royalty is going for. I too enjoyed the post on the old forum. However, I’ve never posted.

On the other hand I am having a difficult time “finding” recent posts of property owners in the Fayette County, Tx area. Selfishly, I used the old forum to learn about the recent offers from companies engaged in oil and gas leasing in the area. Since I’ve been unable to find out about what is being offered to land owners, I have no idea as to what to ask for. Currently, I am negotiating with Tri C, but can’t find anyone in the area who is also negotiating with the company.

Perhaps, I just don’t know where to look on the new app. to find discussions on offers in the area.

Any help from you will be appreciated.

Arlyn Arlyn Kloesel akloesel@utexas.edu

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Tracker was doing some leasing a few years ago on the Gonzalez/Fayette line, and then the price pullback quieted everything down. They did not honor some outstanding offers, as I recall. You might check to see if Tri-C is affiliated with them. We were trying to get $4000/25%/3 and they were very squirrely.

Good to see the area seems to have come back to life.


Thanks Wade…I’ll send this info on to Arlyn. Clint 0011