Faye Reid 2A and 1


I have been doing some detective work on a very old document I came across assigning overriding royalty interests to my uncle, who is deceased. I have determined that his interest is in a 60 acre tract in Stephens count and the overriding royalty interest is still valid today, although there are no producing wells. There were 2 wells that did produce on that tract: The Faye Reid 2A and the Faye Reid 1. The last payment disbursed in my uncle’s name was 1975. The wells were plugged 6/20/91. So the question is: was there production from 1975 - 6/20/1991? If there was he would be due royalty. I have contacted Butkin Oil who was last associated with the well, but they say they have no information that far back, and have not been helpful. Can anyone assist on determining the production of the wells? Thanks for the help, Jill Evarts



Hello All, Just got a drilling production summary from the well. So all set for now. Jill



Jill, here’s a very informative detailed place to look up information. Martha, shared this with us. I have found it Very user friendly !!