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Clint do you have anythig in Fannin?

I am a land owner in Fannin County, TX - Is anyone aware of any mineral activity in the county? if so, what part? After years of no activity I have received a call from a company wanting to lease my land. Thoughts?


The last activity I can find in Fannin County was the:

Durant well # 1 that was drilled by Charter Oaks Prod. in August 2012-Status-Dry hole API # 14730121

And Green Well # 1 drilled by Texcel Expl., Inc. in March 2012-Status- Dry hole API 14730120

And Yarbrough Well #1 Drilled by Red Hawk Reserves, Inc.-Feb. 2012 Status-Oilwell API 14730119(No Production Data Available from Welldatabase)

Nothing going on in Fannin County Texas at this time.

Clint Liles

Clint - thank you very much for replying with an update - this is very helpful - don't know what part of the county you are in but have you had anyone approach you about leasing your land? - I find it interesting that after all these years and as you have noted little to no production that all of a sudden I'm getting a call about leasing - I'm not in any rush to sign up until I know who I'm dealing with and why. Thank you.

This is a great site - I wish there were more than 3 of us following Fannin County. Thanks again.

Does anyone know if there has there been any recent mineral activity in Fannin County? I have been approached twice since Nov. The most current was this month. Didn't know if anything had changed or updated since I checked in Nov. when there was little to no development.

Thank you

John did you ever lease to anyone? and what part of the county are you in.

No - I had some interest. had a o&g lawyer take a look at it as well. would have liked to. I know there where a number of leases signed in our part of the county. With oil prices where they are I'm sure no one is looking to lease land right now.

We are just south of Bonham close to the state park.

Do you know of any other development going on in Fannin Co?

Thank you,

Sorry about being so long about getting back. I Don't know of anything going on.

No problem. Please keep me posted if you hear of anything and I will do the same on my end. Hope your holiday and new year were good.

Thank you,

Any new updates on oil and gas in Fannin County?

Toni - there are not any updates or anything going on in Fannin County to my knowledge. Before oil prices dropped there was a person trying to lease up property in some parts of the county but they have stopped. Will keep you posted if I hear anything different. Please do the same. Enjoy the long weekend.

I was offered $300. For my mineral rights, my lease is -100. Due for renewal very soon, this is South east of Bonham, it appears they are planning to drill, my first comment got totally off track

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