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Has anyone hear about any future CO2 development for the wells already established? How about more drilling for oil/gas? in the future? Anyone know where a map can be obtained showing the different formations in Fallon County? Would like to have one.

we have received another lease proposal from BH Grace Oil,llc. this is for Township 10 North, Range 59 E, section 17. It seems that Grace is offering the same terms to all they are contacting. This is a paid up lease for 5 years at $50 and acre and 15% of all oil produced. This is significantly less than the other offer we received forTownship 9 north, range 59E, section 11.

Does anyone know what is going on in this area?

I have some mineral rights at

4N R59E MPM Sec. 12

4N R60E MPM Sec. 22

If anyone is interested, let me know. It is for lease.

If someone has time an interest to help a new member to navigate this blog, please let me know. My interest is in Fallon County, Montana