Fair bonus in East Texas ($200/acre?)

The county that I am concerned with does not have a group in this forum. Has any one out there has signed an east texas lease recently?

Is $200/acre low?

I ran into the problem with not having a group for the counties that I have property in, in Mississippi. I just created the four missing groups, last night. Not hard to do, just take a look at how the other groups are laid out, and cut/paste/modify, into your own group. Under the Texas heading, you will see an option to create a group, for that state. Piece of cake! :-)

What county are you located in?

It is Wood County. I'm making a group. Just afraid that it won't get enough traffic to do much good. A friend of a friend just received an offer in Wood County and asked what terms were fair. I looked up recent OGLs in the area, so I have a good idea of what royalty to ask for, but no clue about the bonus amount. I don't need information from in Wood County, anywhere near would be fine. The bonus amount isn't as important as the royalty, but I don't want to steer someone wrong.


What part of Wood County are you referring to? There are several old oil fields in this county, specifically, West and North of Quitman, the Winnsboro area, the Pine Mills area and the Hawkins area (which is only Exxon-Mobile).