ExxonMobil Working Owner Royalty Dept? (HELP)

I have been trying to reach Exxonmobils working owner royalty department for 6 weeks now and I cant even get them to pick up the phone or even respond to an email. I have acquired some ownership in Kemmerer in labarge county. Exxonmobil sent me over all of my paperwork and then I finally received a letter that stated that I should start receiving my monthly payments within 30 days. This ownership was willed to me through a family member and I know my realatives had been receiving monthly checks for the last 30 or 40 years. From what I think I am reading here is that there are 4 minerals that are being pulled from our acres. No matter who I reach out to each department gives me the same number to call and every time nobody answers. It even says how easy it is to set up an account online but the BA number that was sent to me says on their website that its invalid. This is the contact info that they gave me 1-800-469-6468 option 2 or exxonmobil.ownerinquiries@exxonmobil.com. If anyone has some suggestions on this it would be greatly appreciated.