Exxon owns the large majority of our ranch's mineral rights

We own a small portrion and still have the executive rights, as well as, the surface. My questions are: Has anyone worked with Exxon in a similar fashion? How does this effect our ability to lease our property in Webb County, TX?

Thank you in advance.

If you have 100% of the executive rights, you would be the tail wagging Exxon's dog.

I have worked with Exxon many, many times in the past. They are reasonable people from my experience.

Thanks, Buddy.

I have very little knowledge and zero experience when it comes to Oil and Gas leases. Does Exxon's ownership make our property less attractive to exploration companies? Who participates in the leasing bonus? Landowner, executive rights owner, and mineral owners?

Thank you again, for your help.

If you have the executive rights, Exxon is not an issue. The landman will cut Exxon a check for their mineral share and ask them to ratify the lease you presented to the landman.