Extraction Oil in Colorado

I would really like to talk about extraction oil in Adams County, Colorado. Anyone out there have information about colorado mineral rights? Or extraction oil, or pony oil out of Texas and their interest in colorado?

I moved this over to Adams Co. CO for you.

I have some familiarity with Adams County and Extraction Oil and Gas. What are your questions?

I have a question maybe you could answer, We are in the process now of putting the deed to the rights in our name after the death of the owner, will we at this point have to make a new lease with Extraction? The current lease they are on is from 1982 and has been passed down from Petrogulf to Noble Energy and now Extraction but was always in our parents names but now the names on the deed is changing.

I would also like to know what our rights could be worth? How can I find out what is or might be going on with the wells now or in the near future?

You will not need to execute a new lease in your name, but you will need to properly document the ownership transfer in the courthouse before the Operator will recognize the change.

You would have to supply more detailed location information (Section-Township-Range) before anyone could help you with a valuation.


The Mineral Rights are: Township 1 South, Range 68, West, 6th, P.M., Section 9:N. 1/2, Adams County, Colorado: Well No. 113525011 Nordstrom 01-09 and Well No. 113525012 Nordstrom 01-09

So would you be able to tell me a something more about these rights and their worth? Would be greatly appreciated as this is all new to me.

Thank you in advance for any help you’d be able to provide. I also know anything you would tell me would be a guesstimate and only for knowledge purposes.

Thank You!!

You have two old vertical wells producing from the Dakota J Sand. They are producing very little at this point and will probably be abandoned before much longer. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are several brand new horizontal wells immediately to your north producing from the Niobrara shale. Those wells were drilled by Extraction and they have permitted quite a few wells that would include your minerals.

Hopefully for you they will drill these wells soon.