Extent of Royalty Payments

I have mineral rights on Section 4, 5N, 7W in Grady that we leased one year ago. There is an intent to drill in the paper today for Section 4, 5N, 8W by EOG, which has our lease also. I have 2 questions I hope someone can answer. 1) how close is this to our property 2) if they hit oil in 4, 5N, 8W will there be payments to us also?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can expain.

Joellen, 4-5N/7W and 4-5N/8W are exactly 6 miles apart and have no connection in production.

Click here to see how the land survey system works: http://www.owrb.ok.gov/supply/wd/pdf_wd/land_survey.pdf

Thank you so much!!!


EOG is planning a well that adjoins your section to the north. 32-6N-7W. Still no connection in production but things are getting close.