Is anything new in

blk 35 T4N Sec 5&6? THANKS!

Good Morning Neva. I took a quick peek around for several miles of your minerals and at this time I see no new activity. There is some older production in the area but nothing recent. There is an uptick in activity in Dawson County but at this time not in your immediate area.................

GIS Map of Dawson County Sections 5 & 6/Block 34 T4N and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

Thanks for the info/update. Kind of hard to keep up with things from 325 miles away in Austin Area!

good Afternoon,

Did you just lease this area?

we just signed a new leases on section 2, if you did let me know who with if you would so we can compare notes I am friends with the person who own section 3 and I can keep you updated on our 2 and her 3.

Willard Rogers

here is my email if you want to send it that way marc.rogers33@yahoo.com

I see your last name is Earnest, you kin to mick, or ray?

Thanks for your reply. Yes, Mick is one our first cousins on our Dad's side. Dad( Casey) and Uncle Raymond are brothers. As to leasing...no we have had no offers..., Thanks for your email. I'll put it in my system. God bless!

Neva, I believe Clint's map is mistakenly for Block 34 when you said your property is in Block 35. That being said, I believe the end result is the same.

Wow, I did pull a boo boo on this one. Thanks Texas Tea for catching my mistake. And yes you are right, the results are about the same. The last activity I find in the area of Section 5 & 6 Block 35 T4N is in Section 18. Well 33469 was completed in January 2012.


GIS Map of Dawson County Sections 5 & 6/Block 35 T4N and surrounding area:


Clint Liles

was just offered a lease in Section 20 4 people in it 6000 per person Is this good has anyone else been offered in section 20

We have been offered a new mineral lease in this same area of BLK 35 T4N at $650/mineral acre. A geophysical survey was also done a year prior whether or not the data from that influenced the lease offer. I think this is a very good offer given the lack of recent drilling activity in the area. Thoughts???

very good offer I would take it