Explantion how lease bonuses are calculated and a suggested sliding scale royalty payment-share the upside

Find attached to share with your lawyer and advisor, explanation discussion papers how lease cash bonus payments are determined and also a suggested sliding scale royalty clause to allow the mineral, land and royalty owner to share in the upside when oil and gas prices increase. Discussion points on how to negotiate for and defend the suggested clauses. Share the upside and the downside - fairness for all.







Im shareing this with my 2 brothers who don't have as much time as I do to read and learn. This is a crash course for them.

Hello, fhoa I think are a good outfit. I'm way behind in my dues so, pretty soon hopefully I can rejoin again and give them more than they say.

The last time someone leased from me 3yr ago since expired they called that payment " consideration payment". The landman talked of natural gas prices being low so we probably got pawn shop prices I don't know. What do you think of 55/acre?

Youre in Alberta? Not too sure what to suggest. Keep reading in here. 100 per acre for sure upwards to 300. Keep reading is all I can say and try to find folks around you to talk too. Oil companies get away with murderer. You cant sell or negotiate if you don't know what you've got.

Fhoa has now added a map for members to post their bonus and royalty info. Ill get the log in from my brother and look for you.

hello everybody, my name is Babette. I inherited 332+ acres which they want to put 8 new wells. I do not own the property, just the mineral rights. Do I get any of the bonus money or does the owner get it all? Anyone with any info, please comment. Wetzel County Wv land

Babete, if you own the minerals you should receive the bonus if you did not inherit the mineral acres already leased. I would suggest that you join the Wv state and county sub forums, Marcellus shale and so forth.

thank you r w kennedy. I am trying to do as much research as I can. I would like to get an offer started soon. I do want to know what I am doing before hand, and I sure am not going to let any of the companies take advantage of me. I have read a lot of news on Chesapeake lately. I have been reading a lot of things about Marcella Shale they are here in my home town working right now in Ohio. I wonder if it would be a good thing to talk to them here, or does anybody think that would be a bad move? They eat some days where my sister is the cook, lol just thought about it that's all. I also need to know what others are getting in Grant district Wetzel, coutny WV thanks very much

Is there a legal document that I can refer to about the 12% interest owed after the first 6 months without a check? I would like some power in hand before I ask (again!) to be paid the interest. Thanks!

Thank you LRW for posting this info. I have been trying to find this important info and sample of lease doc etc. for quite a while and this all confirms why I didn't want to sign the single legal page doc the land men sent me on some properties...never got this much info for MY side even from the supposed expert attorney I hired. As someone else has said "sometimes you need to know the correct questions to ask".

How do I even know about any bonuses or the lease at all could a lease stand in seventy five years