Explanation please

HAIGLER #1-4H, August 24 2016
04 17N 12W SWSESESE API: 01123641
Lat: 35.97190610299016, Long: -98.47757544418893
HH, DR, 14600 ft, MISSISSIPPIAN(9818), WOODFORD(10416), HUNTON(10525)

So the different layers are Mississippian,Woodford,Hunton and those are the depths of each?

HH.. DR ?

The 14,600, is that the depth they are drilling to?

Thanks Kendall

I think the formation depths are vertical depths, and the Total depth is horizontal / vertical total borehole length

Those are the tops of the formations in roughly vertical fashion (probably measured depth), The Depth of Deviation is 9374' and the total measured depth is ~14,600' (10,525' true vertical depth) length of horizontal is 4150'

Main reservoir is the Woodford. They have to permit above and below it incase the well bore wanders.

http://imaging.occeweb.com/OG/Well%20Records/1DD4AB9F.pdf is the actual permit in more readable form.