Expiring lease sec 74 blk 13

We are at the end of our lease in February. I am looking for insight as to what may or may not happen. We are currently with Apache, Sec 74, Blk 13. I know that Apache has don some consolidation and wondering if anyone knows or would care to speculate on if Apache may want to renew or if there are other companies looking in that area?

My family’s lease with Apache expired in September. We just got a letter of interest from Nickel Royalties out of Frisco, TX. Offer was for 2-12K for lease pnma with 25% royalties and 3 yr. term. (depending on previous lease terms and amounts) I would expect us to be on the low end as where we are in Reeves, I believe Apache had previously been offering 1500 pnma. (our lease was previously flipped to Apache) The letter also was showing interest in purchasing in the range of 10 to 25K pnma. So, I believe the interest is increasing again.

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