Expired oil and gas lease

Hughes County , OK. Section 28 I signed a lease on this property March , 2017. The lease was for 3 years. I have never received a royalty payment from them or any correspondence. Since the lease has expired, and I have not been able to reach the company(phone disc.) ,is the lease automatically released. does anyone know if there has been any activity in this area?

Thank you.

There are many section 12s. Add the township & range and we can look for activity. And yes, if there is no activity the lease expires on its own.

Section 28, Township 06 North, Range 10 East , Hughes County ,OK My question was if their is a well and if it has produced.? I signed a lease in March of 2017 with a term of 3 years. I have never received a royalty from them . They were always difficult to communicate with. The phone number I have is disconnected. Thank you

Canyon Creek Energy Arkoma operates the Duke1-28/33 well, although not very productive. You should contact them at 918-561-6737.

When you contact Canyon Creek, have a copy of your lease in front of you. You may have to clear up a title issue to get into pay status and you may be able to claim back interest from them depending upon the situation. The well had very little production, but you should get what is due you.

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