Experience with companies doing a title search regarding an offer

Does anyone have experience with companies doing title searches based on offers and not sharing the results? I was told that companies do not typically share the results of their title search. That doesn't seem right to me, but I am new to the whole scenario. They would tell me what they determine are my mineral acres, but I wouldn't see documents or proof.

I always ask for the paragraph from the title opinion that documents my amount of minerals. I usually do not have any trouble getting it. They will not give you the whole document as that is worth quite a bit of money.

My experience is the same as Ms. Barnes. In couple instances, I have asked for and gotten their title research but only on my minerals. I presume they are not obligated to share their work product but would do so if necessary to lease your minerals so you do have leverage.

As a followup, in some areas where interest is hot, they don't want to do the title search until you sign the lease because they don't want to pay the landman to do it unless you sign with them. That makes sense from their point of view as lines are long in the courthouses. However, it is better to let the leasing competition complete, get a good lease and then ask for the title paragraph. Make sure you never send a lease without getting the check. No 90 day drafts or anything like that. There are ways to do it. When you get to that point, come back.

Dear Miss Gale,

The only time you are likely to get the whole title opinion is if you participate in the well. The operator passes on the cost of the opinion to all the working interest owners and they have a right to see it since they paid for it. Asking for the section covering your interest should be honored by most companies if you are leasing. How else could you settle dispute with them if you believe that your interest is larger?

Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.

Thank you for your reply.

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Generally speaking, ownership information is proprietary and not shared as to not create competition for other acreage.