Executive rights

How would I go about finding out whom has "executive rights" on my mineral interests pertaining to a lease?? How much does a land man charge per day?

Thank you so much!

Hi Judy,

I'll let someone else address the day-rate for a landman in Howard County. If the property is producing, the easiest way to find-out who had the executive rights at the time a lease was executed would be to contact the operator and ask for a copy of the lease that governs your non-participating royalty interest.

If the property is not producing, and you know the Abstract number within Howard County, I would be happy to querry DrillingInfo for a list of all leases granted in that abstract within the last 5 years. That would narrow the search to hopefully a handful of individuals.

Thank you Donald for responding. It is producing and after locating me as an heir, the producer sent me a lease agreement to sign. I sent it to my lawyer for review and 3 months later my lawyer was told that I didn't have executive rights. I was sent a copy of a lease signed by someone I don't know, that was executed in 2011. His lease looks exactly like mine. There is nothing to show who has executive rights. So now I am not sure what to do.......

Normally, in this instance, the operator will ask you to "ratify" the lease that governs your NPRI. Again, I would contact the operator and ask them for a copy of the lease. If they won't provide that, perhaps they will provide you with the recording information in Howard County (book and page).

Also, if you know the Abstract number of your legal description, I can easily check DrillingInfo for 2011 leases.

Thanks so much Donald! I have sent a friend request so I can send info in a private message.

The attached spreadsheet contains the information on 22 leases recorded in your section in 2010/2011.

757-HowardCountySection20Block32T1Nleases.xlsx (13.8 KB)