Excessive Unit Size

Comstock is making or attempting to pool acreage that has no business being in some of the units. This is near the Marquez, Texas area, be careful. One of these area’s is above the well and in the opposite direction of the horizontal well bore.

What unit are you referring to?

It is the Harrison Unit near the Dinkins

Disclaimer that I am not familiar with Leon County, but making some guesses based on other areas. Looking at plats for Harrison WA Unit and other adjacent allocation wells filed by Comstock, it appears that Comstock is combining existing Amanda Rose Unit (577 ac) and perhaps forming Wright Unit (626 ac) and Harrison Unit (582 ac) to drill Harrison WA well. All that acreage is filling in everything not in adjacent units. It appears that there were a number of vertical well gas units formed years ago, some squares and some like jig saw pieces, but none of which contains unusually large acreage. Comtock’s permit for Farley GD Unit on west side includes Farley Unit; Gresham Unit and Dubaha Unit. Comstock’s Dinkins JG well on east side includes Amoco’s 1998 Dinkins Unit, (new?) Johnson Unit and (new?) Gerlach Unit. Pull out all three plats and see how they fit together. They are messy but include all the minerals. Does your lease agree to pooling? Harrison WA production should be divided among the three units based on the number of feet of productive lateral within each unit. Then the production will be allocated among the mineral owners in the unit.

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With same disclaimer as Tennis Daze and in support of the thought outlined, recent Haynesville -Bossier gas wells in our county are mostly cross-unit laterals where multiple pooled units created in 2010’s are given a percentage of newer, longer laterals extending into each. This is helping to get our minerals developed and producing after an extended lull in activity.

You have got the idea. Great post. I guess it’s like some of the stacked laterals and so on like in the Permian Basin. A nightmare for the average landman and mineral owners.