Excavation At Intersection Of I-10 / FM2903

Recent aerial photography shows major surface excavation on NW corner of I-10 and FM2903. This is on E/2 BLK 13 SEC 40. Apache has gas wells West of FM2903 in this section, and I think the Apache mancamp was slated to go there also. But I can find no info about the excavated area to the East.

Any solid info out there, or even plausible guesses? Thanks.

Some sort of aggregate facility that has been there a couple of years.

We noticed that too. Some of it apperes to be in section 39 as well. I am a part owner of section 39. If you know what that is please do tell! Apache put a utility road through the clover leaf ( section 39) before gaining permission. We were notified about a year after the road was put in.

When I posted the original question, the lack of shadows made me think excavation. Using Google Street View now, you can see huge mounds of rock instead (though it is reasonable that there was excavation at some point to get the rock). A sign on the fence identifies the site as operated by “Kiewit”. This is a rock crushing operation to produce material suitable for highway construction, mostly outside Reeves County. Cut and Paste the below link for a different view on county “mineral” exploitation: