Evaluating Unsolicited Offer


Interested in selling inherited mineral rights and have no idea how to assess valuation. Received an unsolicited offer from Dustin Bell at Hill Country Mineral Partners. I reached out and requested a formal offer which I received. Hoping someone can give me an clue whether it’s valid/reasonable. Thanks!

  • This offer and supplemental metrics are based on the interests owned by xxx. We would honor the price /nRa for all family members.
  • For xxx:
    • Dyer W A 28 lease, 0.000651 NRI
    • Wanda 28 lease, 0.000651 NRI
    • Total acreage 0.84 nRa
    • Cash flow ~$3 per month. A current cash flow chart is attached showing the current production stream.
    • Offer for xxx: $11,332.04 ($13,436 /nRa)

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