Estate and trust attorney

Hi does anyone have any recommendations for estate and trust attorneys in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas. Thank you.

The directories link above has several attorneys. You need an attorney licensed in the state where you need to do business. Or you can find one in your main state and they may have an affiliate in the other states.


If all of the property was in a trust, then you should use the attorney that is most convenient to you. If the trust calls for minerals to be disbursed to beneficiaries, then that attorney can contact local attorneys to prepare deeds or other items.

Estate / Probate

Often people fail to re-title their interests in the name of the trust. Generally they have a “pour over will”. It directs that any property requiring probate should be put into the trust. Each state has its own requirements for probate and you will likely need administration in each state where non-trust property is located.

Ok thank you for your help with this