Escarpa Roja 57-T1-34

I leased to BHP and from what I can gather a well is operating and had had production that I can track through Feb16. Who do I contact to inquire on royalties. It looks like it is a gas well but it does show condensate which I am assuming is oil? I have a lease# and permit #. I dont know where to go from here. Any help would be very appreciated.


Have you received/signed a division order yet? You may try contacting the sender of that order.

No division order yet, trying to follow up on it now.

Susan, Here is the owner Relations page from the BHP site. Sometimes a detailed but succinct email will get a pretty quick response.


We just received a division order on this well this week.


Hello Neighbor! I just got mine also. Does this mean checks are forthcoming? Is there a way to find out production and then use a formula which includes my division percentage to determine estimated earnings? I have a very small acreage.


You can find the production through March on RRC's site. Try this link

If that doesn't work for you go to the Production Data Query (limited area) and select "Specific Lease", then select "Gas Wells", enter the lease number 279344 and on the pull down menu for District select 08, then set the date range for October, 2015 to March, 2016.

If you've gotten nothing from them so far I'm thinking the first check you receive should cover your share of the production through March, which is the latest month reported to the Commission. You can estimate your check amount by multiplying the gross production by estimated prices (say $30 bbl and $2.00/MCF) and multiplying that by your ownership decimal that was shown in the division order your received. Your share of severence taxes will be deducted also but this should give you a ballpark estimate.

You need to make sure you agree with the way BHP calculated your ownership interest in the well. If you don't understand the number shown on the D.O. I'd contact their Owner Relations group and ask for a breakdown of their calculation.

Thanks so much Dusty! The information you provided is so appreciated. Your posts are always so informative and your generous help has helped wade through a very steep learning curve.

I have now received division orders but also had to send an additional affidavit of heirship concerning my paternal grandmother's marital status. I honestly thought this would have been done prior to sending division orders. Now I am being told that Reeves County must record and send back to BHP and then attorney must approve. Is this a stall tactic? Should I be concerned? Who has had any experience contacting Reeves County? I tried several times when we found out about our small acreage so that I could pay taxes on the land but was told they were years behind on tax rolls! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Susan, I hope you are getting this issue resolved. My mom also has the same size interest in this well site and when she failed to pay her taxes one year I called them and they were very cooperative but I couldn't find the contact information. The taxes were just a few dollars per year up until the last couple of years.

I wanted to caution you that mom's first royalty check did not include all of the production that was sold in the first 6 months and Jeff Hamm's family had the same experience. Jeff seems to have resolved it with BHP and I am waiting for a reply from them. You can review my post and Jeff's comments in the Reeves County forum for more detail.

Good luck!