ES3 Minerals LLC

Has anyone had dealings with ES3 Minerals LLC out of Austin, TX? I have mineral rights in Section 27, Block 48 in Pecos County and I have been given a letter agreement to purchase my net mineral acres, at a price I am willing to accept, but I just wondered if this is a reliable company. Thank you for any feedback on ES3 Minerals LLC.


What price are they offering per NRA?

They close mineral deals (25 in Pecos in the last year). I’d guess the odds are very high that they will actually pay you. They also appear to be flipping out of them (re-selling them) to other folks pretty fast.

Are you getting the top top $ price? Probably not, but I seem to remember this coming up before and you had a very small interest (maybe that was Sec 21?) and this is the sort of folks that buy small interests.

Sec 27 has a lot of recent activity. Not sure if you are getting paid or not by Diamondback on the Cliffhanger wells (online late 2018) or the Chapman wells (online mid-2019). There are also 2 additional wells waiting on completion. I’d at least make sure that you get all revenues that may be in suspense or occurred prior to your close date.

Bet they flip to Viper.

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