Equipment pad price

Theyre putting a new pipeline through my property, now they want to put a temporary equipment pad, I cant find anything in reference to what the going rate is for something like that. Anyone have any ideas?

Rates and damages vary by state, county and exact location. Post in county forum.

Thank you I have, hadnt gotten a response as of yet.

See if something in the attached helps.

140-Rate_Damage_Schedule.pdf (181 KB)

Sorry, I didn't notice that you are up north. What I sent is used as a guide by the University Land Board here in Texas. It might still help, but it is oriented towards lands in West Texas.

If they haven't broke ground yet, and IF you own the land, I suggest that you get everything in writing. Verbal agreements should not be acceptable in any state. Don't forget to negotiate pipeline rates, land damages, including "temporary" equipment pad (how long is temporary?) . Keep it all in your best interests. There are many issues to be considered. Or save yourself a headache and tell them to "hang a right and keep going."

Good luck,