Equinor USA Onshore Properties

We have been receiving royalties from Southwestern Energy since Feb 21 from the Charles Jamison Southwest Unit in the Liberty District of Marshall Co, WV. I noticed on all our check statements that a smaller decimal interest was noted for one of the wells. I inquired at SW owner relations and was notified that SW only markets 77% on the well in question. The remaining 23% goes to Equinor in kind who has a financing agreement with SW that I was aware of. I was also advised by SW to contact Equinor regarding royalties from their portion of investment which I did this week. Has anyone else dealt with Equinor USA Onshore? They appear to be a large company with numerous similar arrangements with other production companies. I am awaiting their reply and will update when I receive same. There are no doubt numerous other lease holders in this unit that will have the same set of circumstances. I believe they were formerly named Statoil On shore Properties.

For owners in the Charles Jamison Southwest Unit, Equinor USA Onshore Properties should have sent you a check for their portion of production since Oct 2020. Checks were dated Aug 23 and arrived this past week. If you have not received payment go to this web address and begin the process of setting up an online account. www.equinor.com. You can also email them at OwnerRelations@equinor.com.