EPIC temporarily converts NGL pipeline to carry crude


EPIC to temporarily convert NGL pipeline to crude oil service San Antonio-based EPIC Midstream said Oct. 5 it will temporarily convert its NGL pipeline to crude oil while the company constructs a crude line and fractionator. EPIC said it will use the third and final phase – to be completed in 2019Q3 – of its NGL pipeline for crude oil service. EPIC’s NGL pipeline will begin NGL service at completion of the EPIC crude oil pipeline by January 2020. (Read more…)


This will prove to be the WRONG move for all the crude and gas transporter/refiners. Not only are more hurricanes brewing that will force temporary shutdowns of refineries on the coast, but we could suddenly be thrust into a new war in the Middle East that will demand a sudden draw on the Strategic Reserves and the refining capacity along the coast…which would result in $6/gallon gas and $8/gallon diesel prices with selected area shortages.
I think we’d be better off to build MORE refineries in the Delaware basin and both NGL and crude oil take away pipelines to all three coasts of the USA.
I think the current planning will force a hardship and emergency conditions on the economy if the Middle East suddenly blows up.

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I agree with you. The Middle East is a powder keg, and could blow up at any time, when the Sunnis and Shites have had enough of each other. The constraints on IRAN will just exacerbate the situation, but needs to be done.