My brother told me today he read an article that stated EOG is planning to drill 400 wells in Richland County. Maybe the oil boom is finally coming to Montana.

If you have any more info i live in Oregon and am not up to date with all this going ons i have approx 6 acres in richland mt willed to me by my father archie hennen i would like any and all input thank township 21 North Range 59 E MPM Section 26 SW 1/4

What is EOG and do they have a website?/

If you google it EOG is one of the largest independent oil and gas companies in the US I dont know anything else about them.

Yes, the boom is moving into Montana and they tell us to get ready and the smaller communities are having lots of meetings on how to be able to handle all the new traffic.

I recently looked a my area which is twn21 range59E sect26 in Richland co Mt The well has been spudded since January 9th so im hoping that in the next few weeks i will recieve a division letter and than i hope the skys the limit even if you only own 6 acres.

I know most of the roads have been under stress so they have been closed and workers unable to get to those locations. But they say when the road restrictions lift look out montana.